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Everybody Loves a List!—The 16 Times Veronica Mars Shaded You
Lessons From Pro Wrestling and the WWE Network: Saturdays With Speak
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Fitness Flexes His Synth Strength
The Top 8: Blue Ivy at Beyonces Concert and the Sin City trailer
THE SHUFFLE BOARD—Staking Real Estate, Hercules! Hercules! and Reviving Sam Sparro
Feature—An Exclusive Conversation with Lil Boosie, Just Before He Went to Jail
THE TOP 8—Was “Surfbort” Blue Ivy’s First Word?
GRAPHIC CONTENT—10 Rappers Reimagined as ‘Game of Thrones’ Characters
Hello, San Francisco!—Seeing Macaulay Culkin’s Pizza Band Live and Feeling Very Internet
FREE LUNCH—Veggie Dumplings and Noodles With Frankie Cosmos
THROWBACK THURSDAY—How TV on the Radio Made Eclectic Rock Cool
Q&A—Meet Wes Anderson’s Not-So-Secret Soundtrack Weapon, Randall Poster
ARTIST OF THE DAY—BJ The Chicago Kid Brings Soul to Schoolboy Q’s “Studio”
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THE TOP 8—Katy Perry Gives Australians the Weather
Everybody Loves a List!—10 Metal Bands to Watch at SXSW 2014
Q&A—Mark Jenkins Keeps Hip-Hop Healthy
Q&A—Meet the Navy Vet Who Gets Rick Ross and DJ Khaled's Bodies War Ready
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Chapman Raps For Social Change
#MAKEMOVES—Myspace Presents: BORGORE
THE TOP 8—The ‘Game of Thrones’ Mixtape Is Coming
CRWN—CRWN x ScHoolboy Q
New Music Tuesday: Singles: Iggy Azalea’s Fancy and Porter Robinson’s Sea of Voices
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Tracy T Helps Rick Ross and Jeezy Get “War Ready”
Graphic Content—Draw Pharrell Williams’ Flyest Styles Over The Last 200 Years
EVERYBODY LOVES A LIST!—Wes Anderson’s 10 Most Memorable Musical Moments
THE TOP 8—Apparently Reese Witherspoon Can Teleport
FEATURE—How to Make the Perfect Pharrell Mixtape
Feature—I Went to the Oscars With My Best Friend and Then I Went Viral
Film—I Went to the Oscars With My Best Friend and Then I Went Viral
Film—I Went to the Oscars and Nobody Cared
Sad Girls’ Guide To…Going to Shows Alone
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Pharrell Sees The Future In Kap G
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Ethan Lader Directs Himself Toward the Big Screen
THINKING TO PIECES—Eagulls Isn’t a Punk Band—And That’s Okay
Oscars 2014: The Myspace Twitter Recap
NEW MUSIC MONDAY: ALBUMS—Rick Ross’ ‘Mastermind’
EVERYBODY LOVES A LIST!—The Oscars’ 23 Most Golden GIFs
THE TOP 8—PornHub’s XXX Birthday Present for Bieber
New Music Tuesday: Singles: Iggy Azalea���s Fancy and Porter Robinson’s Sea of Voices
The Shuffle Board—The Flaming Lips TLC LIZ St. Vincent
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Cherub’s Electropop Gets the Party Started
FICTION—How America’s Musical Tastes Shaped the Next Civil War
Everybody Loves A List!—65 Artists That Major Lazer Has Worked With
Q&A—Cassie Ramone Waves Goodbye to Vivian Girls
EVERYBODY LOVES A LIST!—Ranking the “OG Bobby Johnson” Remixes
THE TOP 8—Rihanna (and Her Nipples) Takes Paris
Throwback Thursday—Rick Ross On the Making of “Hustlin’”
FREE LUNCH—Caesar Wraps and Onion Rings with Ron Funches
ARTIST OF THE DAY—James K Haunts With Ghostly Pop
EVERYBODY LOVES A LIST!—15 Facts You Didn’t Know About The 2014 Oscar Nominees
THE TOP 8—Lykke Li’s New Album ‘I Never Learn’ Is Coming
Throwback Thursday—Rick Ross On the Making of “Hustlin���”
Throwback Thursday—Rick Ross On the Making of “Hustlin’���
THE TOP 8—Lykke Li’s New Album ‘I Never Learn��� Is Coming
Q&A—Behind the Mind-Blowing Visuals of Matthew Dear’s Subverticul Show
Sad Girls’ Guide To…Hosting an Oscars Viewing Party
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Junior Prom Dances With Rock’s Pop-Laced Edge
THINKING TO PIECES—Kid CuDi Released a New Album—Surprised?
TV—How My Song Ended Up on a CW Show
The Best Thing About Pharrell’s ‘G I R L’ Is JoJo’s Secret Feature
THE TOP 8—Rihanna and Drake’s Dirty Dance
THINKING TO PIECES—The Best Thing About Pharrell’s ‘G I R L’ Is JoJo
THE TOP 8—Rihanna and Drake's Dirty Dance
The Making Of Little Brother The Listening
Feature—What It’s Like to Work with Beck
The Making of Little Brother’s ‘The Listening’
NEW MUSIC TUESDAY: SINGLES—Robin Thicke’s “For the Rest of My Life (Part 2)”
THE TOP 8—“Partition” Is Beyoncé’s Sexiest Video Yet
THE PROFILE—The Quiet Life of Schoolboy Q
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Ben Rector Cherishes Those ‘Walking In Between’ Moments
THINKING TO PIECES—St. Vincent’s New Album Is Crazy in the Best Possible Way
Q&A—Que Got Jay Z Rapping to “O.G. Bobby Johnson”
New Music Tuesday: Albums: Schoolboy Q’s Oxymoron and St. Vincent
The Top 8: Miley Cyrus Kisses Katy Perry and Bieber’s New Track Broken
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Mystery Skulls’ Electro-Pop Will Send Shivers Down Your Spine
SATURDAYS WITH SPEAK—All Cranked Up and Going H.A.M. for Project Pat
THE SHUFFLE BOARD—RIP My Chemical Romance, Breaking Up With Godmode and Banging Com Truise
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Solids Keeps the Dream of the ’90s Alive
Feature—Jamie Peck Tackles the Baltimore Underground
CROWD SURFING—18 Earl Sweatshirt Fans Get Their Odd Future Fix
THE TOP 8—Lily Allen Names Her Album ‘Sheezus’
CROWD SURFING���18 Earl Sweatshirt Fans Get Their Odd Future Fix
Throwback Thursday—Market Hotel: The Life, Death and Rebirth of Brooklyn DIY
FREE LUNCH—Chinese Chicken Salad With Meg Myers
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Bob Moses Explores the Deeper Shades of House Music
FESTIVALS—Bonnaroo Reveals Its Megastar Lineup (Kanye! Elton!) in Spectacular Fashion
THE TOP 8—Jonah Hill and Jimmy Fallon’s Convo Is #Epic
Music—Hot Cheetos and Puppies: Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” Video Is Here!
THE TOP 8���Jonah Hill and Jimmy Fallon’s Convo Is #Epic
THE TOP 8—Jonah Hill and Jimmy Fallon's Convo Is #Epic
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Twin Wave Comes Crashing Into Brooklyn’s Psych Pop Scene
TV—Searching for the True South in ‘True Detective’
Sad Girls’ Guide to Packing for Your Trip
THE TOP 8—Pharrell Bets on an Oscar Bump With His New Album
FESTIVALS—Ranking the Best Music Festivals of 2014
TV—Searching for the True South in ‘True Detective���
Myspace Unveils New "Portfolio" Feature And "Artist Films" to Spotlight Members of its Community
FREE LUNCH���Chinese Chicken Salad With Meg Myers
NEW MUSIC TUESDAY: ALBUMS—Candice Glover’s ‘Music Speaks’
NEW MUSIC TUESDAY: SINGLES—Betty Who’s “Heartbreak Dream”
THE TOP 8—Will Smith and Jimmy Fallon Get Jiggy With It
Myspace Shows Significant Post-Launch Growth with 50-Percent Total Audience Increase
CONTEST—Win Tickets to Arcade Fire’s ‘Reflektor’ Tour
ARTIST OF THE DAY—We Are the In Crowd Sets Punk Music’s Trends
THE SHUFFLE BOARD—Rihanna #DeepCuts, Fresh Bright Eyes and the Honorable St. Vincent
THE MYSPACE BRACKET—The Best Sex Song of All Time: The Winner Is…
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Wardell Makes Indie Pop a Family Affair
EVERYBODY LOVES A LIST!—25 Essential De La Soul Songs to Download—For Free—Right Now
CROWD SURFING—16 Skrillex Fans Wait for the Beat Drop
THE TOP 8—Kendall Jenner’s NSFW Runway Walk
THE TOP 8���Kendall Jenner’s NSFW Runway Walk
THE TOP 8—Kanye Calls Beyoncé a Milf in Surprise “Drunk in Love” Remix
THE MYSPACE BRACKET—The Best Sex Song of All Time: Final 4
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Hanasaurus Rex Knits Killer Crochet
THROWBACK THURSDAY—How ‘Reality Bites’ Soundtracked a Generation
Film—The Gender Norm-Flipping Short Film You Need to See
FILM—15 Scenes From ‘Robocop’ That Need to Be in the Remake
FILM—15 Classic ‘Robocop’ Scenes that Need to Be in the Remake
THE TOP 8—Did Drake Just Give His Last Interview?
FILM—15 Classic 'Robocop' Scenes that Need to Be in the Remake
ARTIST OF THE DAY���Wardell Makes Indie Pop a Family Affair
Buck 22 Explains Billy Ray Cyrus Achy Breaky 2
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Cyrcle. Keeps a Well-Rounded Portfolio of Art
TECH—Inside the Making of Radiohead’s PolyFauna App
TOP 8—Drake Calls Macklemore’s Grammy Text “Wack”
Free Lunch—Ramen and Sake With Thundercat
Sad Girls’ Guide To…The Perfect Crush Mixtape
Q&A—How ‘Girls’ Scored TV’s Best Soundtrack
THE MYSPACE BRACKET—The Best Sex Song of All Time: Elite 8
NEW MUSIC TUESDAY: SINGLES—St. Vincent’s “Prince Johnny”
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Street Artist Buff Monster Flexes His Creative Muscle
New Music Tuesday: Albums: Big Gigantic’s The Night Is Young and Temples’ Sun Structures
THE MYSPACE BRACKET—The Best Sex Song of All Time: Sweet 16
Crowd Surfing—New York Fashion Week’s Real Trendsetters
The Beatles—Beatlemania Continues, One Cover at a Time
THINKING TO PIECES—‘Her,��� ‘Black Mirror’ and Learning to Let Go
THINKING TO PIECES—‘Her,’ ‘Black Mirror’ and Learning to Let Go
THE TOP 8—Vic Mensa Makes Fire With Disclosure’s Beats
THE MYSPACE BRACKET—The Best Sex Song of All Time: Round 2
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Metro Boomin Keeps Future “Honest”
Thinking To Pieces—Kanye West’s ‘College Dropout’ Changed Everything
THE Q&A—Behind the “DJ Rules” That Turned Las Vegas on Its Head
THE Q&A—So About Those “DJ Rules” That Turned Las Vegas on Its Head
Q&A—Photographer Tim Saccenti on Capturing Electronic Music’s Vanguard
THE TOP 8—For Once, Kanye Tweets and It’s Not Crazy
SOCHI 2014—Russia Bound: Meet Four of the Olympics’ Brightest Stars
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Phil Pinto Helps Diplo Show Off His Serious Side
News—Here’s the Real Reason Clay Aiken Could Get Elected to Congress
Saturdays With Speak: The Sermon of Lil B The BasedGod
THINKING TO PIECES—Pussy Riot’s Breakup: Tactical Error or Necessary Split?
THE TOP 8—Lorde Does Her Best James Blake Impersonation
The Shuffle Board: Paramore Dum Dum Girls Burial Four Tops
THROWBACK THURSDAY—Where Is the ‘College Dropout’ Bear Now?
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Trip Out on the Psychedelic Sounds of Young Fathers
Thinking to Pieces—Beyoncé, Rihanna and the Truth About Celebrity “Shade”
Free Lunch—A Wrap and A Side Of Fries With Michael Zegen
THE MYSPACE BRACKET—The Best Sex Song of All Time
Thinking to Pieces—DMX vs. George Zimmerman and the American Dream
TV—Can ‘Selfie’ Become a Successful TV Show?
THE MYSPACE BRACKET—The Best Sex Song of All Time: Round 1
THE TOP 8—Lindsay Lohan’s ‘Mean Girls’ Reunion
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Vern Moen Makes Murals Move
THINKING TO PIECES—On ‘Little Red,’ Katy B Is Lovelorn—Just Like Us
THE TOP 8—Britney and Gaga Working Together?
#MAKEMOVES—21 Questions With #MAKEMOVES Dancer Danielle Rodas
Sad Girls’ Guide To…The Best Pop-Punk Albums
NEW MUSIC TUESDAY: SINGLES—Phantogram’s “Bill Murray”
THE TOP 8—Dave Chappelle Stage Dives for Skrillex
EVERYBODY LOVES A LIST!—25 Essential Danger Mouse #DeepCuts
NEW MUSIC TUESDAY: ALBUMS—Broken Bells’ ‘After the Disco’
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Henry and Aaron’s Viral Comedy Blows Up
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Henry and Aaron���s Viral Comedy Blows Up
NEWS—Listening in on Howard Stern’s Chaotic Birthday Bash, and Loving It
THE TOP 8—Deadmau5 Might Have Made the World’s Ugliest Car
TV—Bruno Mars’ Halftime Show Made Me Cry (Among Other Things)
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Samsaya Takes Listeners on a Trip Through Time, Space and Cultures
‘New Girl’ Prince Episode Isn’t the Only Reason to Watch
NEWS���Listening in on Howard Stern’s Chaotic Birthday Bash, and Loving It
NEWS—Listening in on Howard Stern's Chaotic Birthday Bash, and Loving It
SATURDAYS WITH SPEAK—How Future’s Beyoncé Cover Won the Week
THE SHUFFLE BOARD—Old School MJ, Ja Rule Jams and Some Hospitality
THE TOP 8—Get Your PhD in Queen B
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Jasper Wong Pow Wows With the World’s Hottest Creatives
NEWS—Shakira and Rihanna’s New Video Looks a Lot Like Shakira and Beyonce’s Old Video
MUSIC—Burial Reveals Himself With Selfie
THINKING TO PIECES—Why Hating on Bruno Mars Is Wrong
NEWS—Shakira and Rihanna���s New Video Looks a Lot Like Shakira and Beyonce’s Old Video
Free Lunch—Roast Beef and Fries With Juan Wauters
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Drowners Keeps the Spirit of Rock and Roll Afloat
THE TOP 8—Daft Punk Punked All of Us
EVERYBODY LOVES A LIST!—8 Essential Todd Terje Dance and Disco Edits
THE TOP 8—Madonna Drops by Miley’s ‘MTV Unplugged’
ARTIST OF THE DAY—The Mast Sets Sail in Brooklyn’s Electronic Music Scene
News—Why the Slowdive Reunion Matters
Sad Girls’ Guide To…The Best Teen Movies From 2004
Throwback Thursday—How Pavement’s ‘Crooked Rain’ Shaped These 16 Bands
Sad Girls’ Guide To���The Best Teen Movies From 2004
NEW MUSIC TUESDAY: SINGLES—Steve Aoki and Coone’s “Can’t Stop the Swag”
THE TOP 8—Katy Perry Dresses Up as a Shower Curtain
Award Shows with Speak—That Time I Threw Up on the Grammy Red Carpet
NEWS—How Daft Punk’s Grammy Set Came to Life
GRAPHIC CONTENT—Help Pharrell Pick His Next Showstopping Hat
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Pacman and Peso to Brave North Korea Make Rap History
Gif Test
NEWS—Kendrick Lamar Shakes Off the Grammys and Parties With Fans
EVERYBODY LOVES A LIST!—12 Sundance Films You Need to Know
EVERYBODY LOVES A LIST! —The Grammys Simplest Pleasures in 24 GIFs
THE TOP 8—Taylor Swift’s Awkward Grammys Dancing
News—Kendrick Lamar Didn’t Win a Grammy, But He Won the Night
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Lauren Bernard Plays Dress Up With Imagine Dragons
FEATURE—What the Grammys Really Looked Like
SATURDAYS WITH SPEAK—Nirvana, Hall & Oates and Why the Hall of Fame Still Matters
THE SHUFFLE BOARD—Farewell Vivian Girls, Reworked Disclosure and Bowie’s Last Good Album
Thinking to Pieces—Why Macklemore and Ryan Lewis Should Win Album of the Year
The Top 8—The Curious Case of ESPN and Nicki Minaj’s Expanding Forehead
GRAPHIC CONTENT—How to Draw Justin Bieber’s Mugshot in 8 Easy Steps
THINKING TO PIECES—Why Sara Bareilles Should Win the Grammy for Album of the Year
Thinking To Pieces—Why Daft Punk Should Win the Grammy for Album of the Year
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Elaine Carey Works Production by Day, Rocks Stages by Night
THINKING TO PIECES—Why Kendrick Lamar Should Win the Grammy for Album of the Year
THINKING TO PIECES—Why Taylor Swift Should Win the Grammy for Album of the Year
THINKING TO PIECES—Who Will Win the Grammy for Album of the Year?
MUSIC—Moby’s Still Racking Up Millions (Of BitTorrent Downloads, at Least)
The Top 8—The Curious Case of ESPN and Nicki Minaj���s Expanding Forehead
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Together PANGEA Rocks With an Angst-Filled Edge
Free Lunch—Greek Salad With Obesity and Speed’s Lyz Olko
THE TOP 8—Rihanna’s Seaside Selfie Shoot
NEWS—Justin Bieber’s Car Rap Sheet: From Diddy’s Lambo to Batmobiles
TV—‘Game of Thrones’ Is Hitting the Road Again
NEWS—Rihanna’s “Stay” Is Even More Heartbreaking in Patti Smith’s Rendition
Sad Girls’ Guide To…Sick Days
Everybody Loves a List!—12 Ways to Rule the Red Carpet (or Any Party, Really)
News—The Wanted Breaking Up May Be Their Best Move Yet
TV—Do Calvin Harris and Jay Z Have the Next ‘Entourage’ on Their Hands?
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Aer’s Hip-Hop, Reggae and Rock-Infused Rhymes Take Flight
THE TOP 8—Shia LaBeouf, Plagiarist or Performance Artist?
TV���‘Game of Thrones’ Is Hitting the Road Again
NEWS—Rihanna’s “Stay” Is Even More Heartbreaking in Patti Smith���s Rendition
Free Lunch—Greek Salad With Obesity and Speed's Lyz Olko
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Austin Will Brings a Director’s Eye to Bands and Brands
FILM—Trent Reznor Scores Again with David Fincher’s New ‘Gone Girl’
THE TOP 8—Miley Gets Undressed for (Her First) MTV ‘Unplugged’
NEWS—Miles Teller Is on Track to Win Sundance, and 2014
Everybody Loves A List!—The 97 Strangest Songs Lil B Has Rapped Over
NEWS—Get Ready to Mess With Kanye West in Texas
NEW MUSIC TUESDAY: ALBUMS—Against Me! Returns With ‘Transgender Dysphoria Blues’
EVERYBODY LOVES A LIST!—The 16 Best DIY Venues in the U.S.
ARTIST OF THE DAY—DJ Damage Brings Philadelphia Flair to Diddy’s REVOLT TV
NEWS—Deep Dish Is Back, But Is Ultra Music Fest Up Next?
THINKING TO PIECES—Drake, Sasheer Zamata and the Tanning of ‘SNL’
THE TOP 8—Kanye West Sounds Off (Again!)
FEATURE—Saying Goodbye to Brooklyn’s Best DIY Venue, Pt. 2
Saturdays With Speak—Who Should Win vs. Who Will Win on Grammy Night
THE SHUFFLE BOARD—Swooning Over Cate Le Bon, Chinese Pop and Serene Techno
NEWS—That Time Joe Jonas Was My Uber Driver
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Perera Elsewhere Keeps Things Colorful
NEWS—What ‘20 Feet From Stardom’ Can Teach You About Life
THE TOP 8—Lena Dunham, Raw and Untouched
THE SHUFFLE BOARD���Swooning Over Cate Le Bon, Chinese Pop and Serene Techno
NEWS—#HowIMetYourRacism, Yellowface and Asians on American TV
THINKING TO PIECES—We Can All Relate to Against Me!’s ‘Transgender Dysphoria Blues’
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Anna Barie’s Creativity Knows No Bounds
NEWS—Give Pharrell an Oscar
THE TOP 8—Blue Ivy’s Birthday Was Better Than Yours
RUSH HOUR REPORT—Drake Goes Old School for His ‘SNL’ Promos
Governors Ball 2014 lineup Coachella lineup Outkast reunion
SAD GIRLS’ GUIDE TO…—Fashion Icons From Film and TV
NEWS—$100,000 Will Get You Drake’s Sneakers, Or…
News—If You’re Not Watching HBO’s ‘True Detective,’ Start Now
THINKING TO PIECES—Why ‘Chozen’ Isn’t the Next Great Adult Cartoon
THINKING TO PIECES—‘Speakerboxxx’ vs. ‘The Love Below’: The OutKast Debate Rages On
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Mount Emult Ascends to His Creative Peak
RUSH HOUR REPORT—Bieber's Latest Prank Turns Into a Drug Arrest
NEW MUSIC TUESDAY: SINGLES—Shakira and Rihanna’s ‘Can’t Remember to Forget You’
The Golden Globes GIF Recap 2014
Feature—Saying Goodbye to Brooklyn’s Best DIY Venue, Pt. 1
Everybody Loves a List!—15 Things Twitter Taught Me About HBO’s ‘Girls’
NEW MUSIC TUESDAY: ALBUMS—Sharon Jones and the Dap-King’s “Give the People What They Want”
EVERYBODY LOVES A LIST!—25 Springsteen Gems From the Post-Springsteen Era
Throwback Thursday—Oral History: Tupac, Fist Fights and the Making of ‘Juice’
RUSH HOUR REPORT—Beyoncé: Singer, Songwriter, Pop Star… Blogger?
FEATURE—7 ‘Girls’ Characters, Soundtracked
EVERYBODY LOVES A LIST!—10 Coachella Dance Acts You Need to Know
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Ashten Whoopi Animates in 8-Bits
THE SHUFFLE BOARD—Surrendering to Selena, Dutch Dance and Cold Comfort
RUSH HOUR REPORT—The Most NSFW Jay Z Interview Ever
THROWBACK THURSDAY—75 Essential Blue Note Albums
The-Dream Def Jam 20 Greatest Hits
SATURDAYS WITH SPEAK—Speak’s Adventures in London, Part 2
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Maejor Ali Makes the “Lolly” Pop
RUSH HOUR REPORT—The 2014 People's Choice Awards Set Fashion Back 20 Years
RUSH HOUR REPORT���The 2014 People's Choice Awards Set Fashion Back 20 Years
RUSH HOUR REPORT—Kanye’s Big Lawsuit, the Real Housewives Are a Hoot
Everybody Loves a List!—33 People You Need to Know in 2014 List
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Take Berlin Brings a Lo-Fi Approach to HighBrow Music
RUSH HOUR REPORT—Aubrey Plaza Plays the Sax, Common Drops a Monster Track
#MAKEMOVES—It's Never Too Late To Start
ARTIST OF THE DAY—badbad Blends the Organic with the Electronic
Sad Girls’ Guide to Things We’re Excited About in 2014
RUSH HOUR REPORT—Ellie Goulding’s Vid Is Rad, Old Spice Makes a Weird Ad
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Dpat Drops Smooth and Sultry Slow Jams
The MakeMoves Dance Contest on Myspace!
THE SHUFFLE BOARD—Finding Fabolous, Young Thuggin’ and Emoting Morrissey
ARTIST OF THE DAY—The Jazmin Sisters Are Sonic Siblings
RUSH HOUR REPORT—Veronica Mars Is Back, The Pixies Drop Some New Tracks
SATURDAYS WITH SPEAK—Speak’s Adventures in London, Part 1
RUSH HOUR REPORT—Vampire Weekend’s Rap Remix, French Montana’s Lana Del Rey Fix
Crowd Surfing—Young Hollywood’s New Year’s Resolutions
RUSH HOUR REPORT—Britney Hits Sin City, Drake Drops a Ditty
SAD GIRLS’ GUIDE TO…—Recovering on New Year’s Day
FREE LUNCH—Shy Girls Slurps Noodles, Aims To Take Over The Festival Circuit
THE SHUFFLE BOARD—The Best Music Videos of 2013
RUSH HOUR REPORT—Pussy Riot Is Out of Prison, Katy B Cries For No Reason
Director's Chair Vania Heymann Bob Dylan Like A Rolling Stone
Destin Cretton Q&A 2013 New Rules
RUSH HOUR REPORT—Miley Gets Freaky Under the Covers, Justin Bieber’s Career Is Over
Human Being Jay Sansone Q&A 2013 New Rules
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Shaun Neff Stays Ahead of the Game
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Jiving With Justin Kauflin
MIX—5 Awesome Christmas Playlists
RUSH HOUR REPORT—Drake and Kanye Are Best Buds, Cerebral Ballzy Are Studs
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Sebastian Errazuriz Makes the Shoe Fit
Feature—LIZ Finds Out What’s In the (Tarot) Cards For Her
The Shuffle Board Best Of 2013 Staff Picks
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Caroline Brooks Breaks Through
Thinking To Pieces—Beyoncé, #BlackTwitter and the Meaning of Birdependence
The Q&A—DProsper Fights For Elephant Rights
SATURDAYS WITH SPEAK—Drunk and Disillusioned at the King Krule Show
CANON BALLIN’—The Complete Pharrell Collection: 1991–2013
RUSH HOUR REPORT—‘The Voice’ Clears Its Regime, Rick Ross and Jay Z Tag Team
Leaders of the #NewRules—The Elliott Wilson Q&A
CANON BALLIN’—The Pharrell Collection, 2012–2013
RUSH HOUR REPORT—X-Tina and Gaga Perform a Hit, Justin Bieber May Call It Quits
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Ben Claassen Conjures Comic Relief
CANON BALLIN’—The Pharrell Collection, 2009–2011
THINKING TO PIECES—Florida Georgia Line, Luke Bryan and the Year Country Broke Pop
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Von Jackson Knows Where the Party’s At
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Wild Thingz Just Wanna Have Fun
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Tyler Shields Shoots and Scores
SAD GIRLS’ GUIDE TO…The Best Christmas TV Episodes
Graphic Content—A Very Wu-Tang Holiday: Christmas Rules Everything Around Me
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Meet Danny!, Your Favorite Rapper’s Favorite Rapper
RUSH HOUR REPORT—Rihanna and Eminem Strike Again, Lil Wayne Ain’t Dead
CANON BALLIN’—The Pharrell Collection, 2006–2008
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Bridget Kelly Drops a Special Delivery
NEW MUSIC TUESDAY: ALBUMS—Mac Miller’s ‘Live From Space
EVERYBODY LOVES A LIST!—The 213 Tweets of 2013
FREE LUNCH—Om’Mas Keith Likes Jell-O Shots and an Open-Door Policy for New Talent
RUSH HOUR REPORT—Robin Thicke’s Latest Groove, Rihanna Plans a Big Move
Embed Test
EVERYBODY LOVES A LIST!—20 Creatives You Don’t Know Who Worked on ‘Beyonce’
SATURDAYS WITH SPEAK—Beyonce’s New Album Is a Perfect Christmas Miracle
ARTIST OF THE DAY Jhoanna Alba Serves Athletes With a Stylish Assist
FEATURE—15 Influencers Pick Their Favorite Albums of 2013
THE SHUFFLE BOARD—Walking in a Ghostface Wonderland, Blur Lines and Grown Pop
RUSH HOUR REPORT—Britney Drops a Trailer, Beyoncé Drops an Album
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Strangeheart Puts Its Personal Spin on Indie-Electro Pop
CANON BALLIN’—The Pharrell Collection, 2003–2005
Myspace Presents… The #NewRules Q&As
MYSPACE x 2013—The Year in Review
CRWN x R. Kelly—15 Things We Learned From R. Kelly’s CRWN Interview
RUSH HOUR REPORT—‘South Park’ Spoofs Kanye West, Erykah Badu Is the Best
FREE LUNCH — Elliphant Eats Vegan, Plans to Save the World
EVERYBODY LOVES A LIST!—50 Best Metal Songs of 2013
Matthew Vu Busta Rhymes Q Tip The Dragon The Abstract mixtape artist
RUSH HOUR REPORT: Kanye Thinks He Got Screwed, The Game’s Weird Tattoo
ARTIST OF THE DAY—The Birthday Boys Have Their Cake and Eat It Too
2013 Year in Review
CANON BALLIN’—The Pharrell Collection, 2000–2002
SAD GIRLS’ GUIDE TO…Learning to Love Winter
THINKING TO PIECES—Lorde and the New Teenage Dream
RUSH HOUR REPORT—Avicii Loves Uncle Sam, St. Vincent Drops a Jam
R Kelly Black Panties Childish Gambino Because the Internet Jesse McCartney In Technicolor
NEW MUSIC TUESDAY: SINGLES—Ariana Grande’s “Santa Baby”
UNDER THE INFLUENCE—Snoop Dogg and Dâm-Funk: 7 Things That Influenced ‘7 Days of Funk’
EVERYBODY LOVES A LIST!—13 Overlooked Hardcore Records of 2013
#MAKEMOVES—Resurrecting the Detroit Jit
ARTIST OF THE DAY—Cashius Green Spits Sativa Snarl
RUSH HOUR REPORT: Rebecca Black Is Back, Bieber and Chance the Rapper’s New Track
CROWD SURFING: Crate Digging at the L.A. Indie Label Market
SATURDAYS WITH SPEAK: Christmas Music Is Crushing My Soul
THE Q&A: Remembering Jenni Rivera, The Music Icon and Mother
CANON BALLIN’: The Pharrell Collection, 1998–1999
EVERYBODY LOVES A LIST!—100 Best Deep Cuts of 2013
THE SHUFFLE BOARD—Old School Weezer, Wild Kurt Vile and Sultry Sam Smith
ARTIST OF THE DAY: Lauren Gregory Makes Paintings Dance
RUSH HOUR REPORT: R. Kelly Plays Arsenio, Daft Punk’s New Video
Where The Party At? Peachfuzz Is Your Girl’s Favorite Party In Miami
THINKING TO PIECES: The Year Disco Came Back Strong
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Profile: How Ed Banger Records Brought Dance Back
ARTIST OF THE DAY: Weekender Trips Out on Shimmery Psych Rock
RUSH HOUR REPORT: Lana Del Rey’s Epic Movie, Jay Z’s Remix Is Groovy
ARTIST OF THE DAY: Brett Doar Takes Do-It-Yourself to the Next Level
Sad Girls’ Guide to Sad Girls of 2013
FREE LUNCH: Naughty Boy Upgrades His Pizza Game
THROWBACK THURSDAY: Britney Spears’ 10 Best Deep Cuts
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Leaders of the #NewRules: The Nick Catchdubs Q&A
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EVERYBODY LOVES A LIST! R. Kelly���s 105 Favorite Places to Have Sex
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HYPER NOTED: The Definitive Guide to Eminem���s ‘Marshall Mathers LP 2’ Album Credits
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FICTION: 12. “Wu-Tang: 7th Chamber – Part II”
FICTION: 11. “Tearz”
FICTION: 10. “Protect Ya Neck”
FICTION: 9. “Method Man”
FICTION: 8. “C.R.E.A.M.”
FICTION: 7. “Wu-Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing Ta Fuck Wit”
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US Tour Ticket Links
The Heretic + One-Off London Show Announced
Fancy some James Mathe action?
'The Water' - Single Available Now + Reminder of US, Europe and UK Live Dates
James Mathe
Final Date changes to Johnny Flynn’s USA Tour
American Tour Dates Rescheduled - Full Details and Ticket Links Within
US Support Announced
UK Tour - Support Acts Announced
'The Water' - Released as a Single, 1st November
US & Canada Touring News
American Release Details for 'Been Listening'
Solo Irish Tour Announced + One-Off Isle of Wight Date...
New Tour Announced - December 2010
New Single Release + Mumford & Sons UK Tour Announced
'Been Listening' - the album, out now.
Hear 5 tracks from new album 'Been Listening' Now...
Postponed Tour Dates - New Dates Added
Debut Australian Tour - Dates Announced
'Kentucky Pill' - watch the video now
Pre-Order The New Album Now / Artwork Unveiled / Supports for May/June Tour Announced...
New shows added - including Paris next week.
Listen to new single 'Kentucky Pill' on myspace now
New single 'Kentucky Pill' - Debut Play on Radio 1 Tonight
'Been Listening' - New Album Announced - Released June 7th
Johnny Flynn - 'Been Listening' features on new Laura Marling album
May UK Tour + European Tour + SXSW Schedule Announced
'Communion' Compilation
UK Club Tour - Starts Next Week
T-Shirt Club - New Design Available Now
Reminder - Show In Paris This Week
new song on here
the bits
'Sweet William' EP - Available Everywhere Now
'Sweet William' EP - Myspace 'Listening Party'
One-Off French Date Announced...
One-Off US Date Announced...
Johnny Flynn news - merchandise, EP, album news...
me and laura m at alex james'
Update from Johnny + New Song 'The Water' Added
New Website
New show announced in New York
Last minute low-key London free gig tonight....
Union Chapel + Shows Update
america, mericaa, mericaaa
A note from Johnny - July 14th
Leftovers Poems
Something For Everyone
Adam's lost his trousers
Tour... Just started.
irish tour / ep out now
my fellow doglovers......
new single / support dates for tour announced..
Headline Tour announced - Jan/Feb...


'The Wrote and the Writ' Live and Portsmouth In-store

Friday, 4th April 2014

Listen to 'The Wrote and the Write' from Johnny's upcoming live album and Portsmouth in-store details.

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Streets of London Charity Auction

Wednesday, 26th March 2014

You can bid on a signed t-shirt and pair of tickets to Johnny's upcoming London show at Koko on 9th April to support London homelessness charity Streets of London.

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'Country Mile' Deluxe Edition

Tuesday, 4th March 2014

You can now pre-order the deluxe edition of Johnny's latest LP 'Country Mile'

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'Bottom of the Sea Blues' Video/'Country Mile' Deluxe Edition

Tuesday, 11th February 2014

We are pleased to reveal the stunning video for Johnny’s new single ‘Bottom of the Sea Blues’, which will be released on the 7th of April.

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Montreal Date Cancelled

Thursday, 30th January 2014

Dear Montreal...

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Montreal Date Postponed

Tuesday, 21st January 2014

Johnny feels awful but is unable to get into Montreal on time because of the bad weather.

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Hamburg Venue Change

Friday, 17th January 2014

Please note that the venue for Johnny Flynn’s Hamburg show on the 31st of March has changed to Knust.

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UK/Euro Tour Now On Sale

Friday, 13th December 2013

Tickets for Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit's Spring 2014 European and UK tour are on sale now. 

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January North American Tour - The Melodic Announced As Support and 'Tinker's Trail' Video

Wednesday, 11th December 2013

We are pleased to announce that The Melodic will be supporting Johnny on his North American tour in January 2014.


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Spring 2014 Europe and UK Tour Announced

Wednesday, 11th December 2013

After a run of sold out shows in Europe and the UK, Johnny Flynn and the Sussex Wit have announced a new run of shows for Spring 2014.

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